The proposed subdivision layout was developed after extensive investigations and planning to meet the goal of providing a well-designed neighbourhood.

Initial phases of Nkwukwma Pemberton provide an updated design. The planned neighbourhood reflects the housing needs of the Pemberton area while considering the sensitive terrain and natural environment through a sustainable development lens.


The Nkwúkwma Sub-Area Plan combines the vision for a new neighbourhood with Official Community Plan policy directions and regulations to frame future development.

Through policy directions and development permit area guidelines, it ensures a coordinated approach to:
• allocate land uses;
• maintain community character;
• guide hillside development;
• preserve natural and recreational assets; and
• promote sustainable servicing.

The plan builds on a 15-year planning history on lands known locally as the Pemberton Benchlands, which have been designated for residential use in the Pemberton Official Community Plan (Official Community Plan) and zoned for residential development since 2007. The initial phase of the Benchlands has been constructed and occupied.

Commencing in 2019, the Applicant has undertaken a detailed site analysis, review of current Village of Pemberton policy directives, and analyzed the evolving housing market. This sub-area plan represents a consolidation of the background and site information, planning intent and policy to update the development approach and realign the proposed development with community values based on a detailed assessment by the Owners.

The sub-area plan balances inputs from municipal policy, site conditions, and community outreach to reflect the housing needs and amenities of the Pemberton area, while respecting the sensitive terrain and environment in a sustainable planning framework. The sub-area plan will provide a long-term guide for the future development of the lands.

The purpose of the sub-area plan is to bridge the broader Official Community Plan growth and development policies with the zoning and development of the Nkwúkwma lands. It applies and elaborates on these community goals with specific application to the lands covered in this plan to integrate the proposed development with the Village’s overall growth management approach and planning policy approaches.

Ultimately, it will become the basis for a rezoning, including specific zoning regulations and accompanying agreements to secure servicing, community amenities and benefits.
This sub-area plan establishes development permit area guidelines that will regulate the proposed development over the long term.



The 3-D Model and Development Yield Plan below show the mixed density residential neighbourhood for the 31.2 ha (77.1 acres) of land, that follows two benches within the site.

The development will be serviced by a main arterial road which will later provide a looping road accessing subsequent upper phases. Almost 50% of the site will be allocated for parks, open space and natural areas, while the residential development comprises approximately 40% of the lands.

A mix of residential densities are proposed as: 42% single family (large similar to Phase 1 Benchlands, moderate and small), 43% (duplex and townhomes) and 15% apartments.  Specific details about the proposed development sites can be sourced through Development Proposal and Rezoning Application links below.

Neighbourhood Design

BENCHLANDS - NKWÚKWMA Neighbourhood Design

Parks and Trails Concept

BENCHLANDS - NKWÚKWMA Neighbourhood Design